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What Craig & Others are Saying

Salon – an artful conversation continues to attract unprecedented attention from the Washington arts community, and the amazing words of support many of you have offered simply underscore the need for Salon to flourish.  It warms my heart to read the reviews of artists like Craig Higgins and others whose very kind words are so encouraging.  Thank you, Craig, for being such a great and wonderful part of the community, and a pillar of support for people making a difference in the lives of others!  I am so very happy to have you and so many other wonderful people involved in Salon!

– Judith

“I’m delighted to publicly offer my high praise for Judith’s Salon.  An elegantly simple and beautiful concept, it reflects the boundless energy, creativity and support of its Founder.  Her enthusiastic and giving nature embraces a wide arts community and her unflagging generosity makes it a pleasure to be in such a supportive enterprise!” 

Craig S. Higgins

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