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Salon – an Artful Conversation is helping artists and creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses and enhance their business acumen by connecting them with guest speakers who share, relate, and inspire everyone around them!

“On my list of the most important things artists need is community, and Salon – an Artful Conversation is a community outstanding in it’s ability to support and offer resources and opportunities for artists. Every meeting I’ve attended has been 100% worthwhile and provided insightful information that every artist I know can use.”

Carolyn Edlund – Founder, ArtsyShark.com and Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute


“Everybody needs a network to care, share ideas and learn from associates’ experiences. I have been with Judith HeartSong’s Salon for over a year and have never come away without a new nugget to add to my knowledge, or a treasure chest of information exposing me to new ideas. It has been time extremely well spent.”

Elaine Cafritz



“Judith HeartSong’s Salons are an invaluable effort on her part to provide an educational, motivational and networking opportunity for artists of all mediums in the greater Washington, DC  area.  Since she began Salon a number of years ago, Judith graciously has used her relationships and connections within and beyond the DC art scene to attract interesting speakers and to provide the meeting location.  The topics are varied, but the common thread is the objective of providing a forum for sharing and for giving artists the opportunity to meet and network with others.  Judith is the organizer and coordinator and it has been her tireless efforts that have made the salons a reality and a valuable resource for local artists.”

Alan Sislen



“I love speaking at The Salon. What an amazing group of people who are ready to soak up any knowledge they can. It is such a blessing to be a part of their group and enjoy a lovely evening amongst new friends.”  

Melanie Spring – Sisarina.com Inspiring You to Dream Bigger



“There are two reasons for attending Salon-An Artful Conversation.  The first is to get a shot of Judith HeartSong’s infectious enthusiasm for all things art and her total support for you personally.   The second is to hear from top professionals on issues of vital interest to artists.  The time I heard Melanie Spring of Sisarina speak about marketing got me more excited about promoting my business than I’d been in years. It was an invaluable experience for me professionally, giving me the tools and motivation to get the job done.”

Todd Baxter Dawson



“Salon founder Judith HeartSong gives her all to efforts on behalf of artists in all disciplines.  She offers a forum in which highly respected and successful arts business leaders, teachers, fundraisers, and working artists share their insights, techniques, and experiences in an environment that fosters learning and professional and personal growth.  Drawing on her wide range of skills and lengthy and varied arts experiences, Judith is especially adept at and tireless in promoting artists.  She is one of our area’s most talented and strongest advocates for art and artists.”

Maureen E. Doallas – Transformational Threads



“I am fortunate to be invited to attend Salon.  In the last year and a half, I have learned about many of the art world aspects which widened my horizons beyond the specifics of my art and craft.  Pure art, marketing, business, gallery directors, shows, fine printing establishments, artists and art jurors are just a few topics of the Salon lectures.  Good food and wine and to top all this great company that draws me back again and again.”

Tova Shpantzer



“Judith makes things happen.  Her energy and enthusiasm are both tireless and contagious.  She is devoted to art – both her own and that of others – and she works extremely hard to foster opportunities for all who cross her path.  SALON – conceived, founded and managed solely by Judith – is a huge benefit to our local community.  It provides a supportive, nurturing and educational environment for artists of all kinds to come together for an evening of fun, lively and relevant conversion.  Judith schedules speakers for each meeting to address topics of importance for all working artists.  The discussions, networking and connections that result from these gatherings are beneficial to all who participate.  Judith is a true gem within the local DC art community.”

Colleen Henderson



“Judith Heartsong’s Salon has been a wonderful place to meet and interact with all sorts of artistic professionals in the metropolitan area.  As a fine artist and retailer I live in a very splintered and busy world and it is always exciting to learn new ways of navigating the business of the art world as I try make a living as a creative.  Salon guest speakers have exposed me to ideas, organizations and ways of thinking that I wasn’t previously privy to, and the always interesting attendees are fascinating all on their own and a breath of fresh air!  Judith’s inquiring eye and mind are always on the lookout for a speaker to make her audience really ponder the content and her perennially positive attitude and inclusive welcoming nature are a balm to the soul.  If you haven’t attended Salon, you should!”

Theresa Wells Stifel



“Judith HeartSong knows how to gather a creative community with her encouragement, friendship, support, enthusiasm, teaching, and networking.  She has a valuable personal knowledge of resources in the art world.  That is what the wonderful Salon is all about – a caring, congenial venue for artists to learn and share!”

Mimi Harris



“I met Judith at Salon in her Glen Echo Studio and was so impressed with her leadership skills and positive energy.  It is uplifting to be in her presence.  I continued to enjoy meeting other arts professionals who came to both present and attend the salon while she had her studio at WAW.  I am looking forward to attending in the new venues!”

Angela White



“It’s a proven fact that for any artist to succeed, they need… a network, a community and a trusted group of peers. That’s what Judith’s Salon – an Artful Conversation provides to artists in the metro DC region. Without a group like this there is no confidence, no honest critique, no sense of purpose or place. Artists are the pioneers for new spaces and places, they approach problems and new frontiers with new creative strategies. Creative people working together is what will rebuild every local economy. The Salon is where it all begins!”

Wendy Rosen – American Made Show, Arts Business Institute, NICHE Magazine



“At Salon, I have been fascinated by the truly thought-provoking comments by speakers.  I have gleaned valuable insights into art business and marketing, the artistic process, art history, and art methods and materials.  I also appreciate the wonderful opportunity to meet and share ideas with artists.  Judith is incredibly welcoming and sets the stage for new connections and friendships between artists.  It has been such a joy to attend Salon, and be a part of this vital dialogue on the arts.”

Teresa Sites



“Judith HeartSong’s Salon is a tremendous resource for the arts community.  To meet and network with area artists, as well as the guest speakers is of great benefit in a world where time is so limited.   One of the many arts-related areas of focus is PR and Marketing.  You’ll find a plethora of invaluable tools to help in this arena.  Attending Salon provides a wealth of information that one would have to search far and wide for, and eventually stumble upon.  Here, like-minded individuals can come together, enjoy a little food and drink, and leave more informed than when they arrived.  It inspires artful conversation, to be sure.”

Anne Shami Cherubim-Sundaram



“I’m delighted to publicly offer my high praise for Judith’s Salon.  An elegantly simple and beautiful concept, it reflects the boundless energy, creativity and support of its Founder.  Her enthusiastic and giving nature embraces a wide arts community and her unflagging generosity makes it a pleasure to be in such a supportive enterprise!”

Craig S. Higgins



“I always look forward to attending Salon events and will move my schedule so that I can attend!   The time dedicated to learning how to approach my art practice as a self-sustaining business is invaluable.  Marketing tactics, networking, intriguing discussion, learning about trends in the contemporary art scene and hearing others’ insights into the artistic experience are all topped off by delicious food, warm hearts and friendly conversation!  Judith is a rare gem with her positive personality, variety of talents and her ability to give people the confidence to take their creativity to a professional level.”

Sierra Busch



The Salon that Judith has created and nurtured is truly a gift to artists in the DC Metro region and beyond. As a guest speaker at the Salon, I was immediately struck by the warmth, passion and creativity of the community that she has developed. Judith is a natural leader who has offered a supportive and open environment to discuss issues relevant and important to being an artist today. The Salon definitely makes a difference.

Seth Apter – The Altered Page



Judith HeartSong’s Salon truly opens doors for artists – whether gathering like minded individuals to bond and collaborate, learning from top professional in the DC area about art’s business side or making introductions.  Personally, I had an amazing experience after listening to Maire McArdle, Design Director for Bethesda Magazine speak about art in the print world.  At the end of Maire’s Salon talk, I introduced myself and told her a little about my sweets paintings.  From there, Maire commissioned a painting of several colorful doughnuts to accompany an upcoming Bethesda Magazine article about upscale doughnuts in local restaurants.  It was thrilling to see my work in print!  And I owe it all to Judith’s Salon!

Jennifer Kahn Barlow


I first attended the salon as a speaker, where I was delighted to find a group of like-minded souls who were interested in having open and honest conversations about art. I came again, as a participant, and was welcomed then, too. Unfortunately, that was my last time at the salon due to an unexpected move, but I was deeply touched by both of my salon experiences, as they reminded me of all the grand things that can happen when you gather together the courage to just show up to something new.  

Betsy Greer – author of Craftivism

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