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Sweets Success

When I began Salon – an artful conversation in 2011, I had a vision: to build a more cohesive arts community in the metro Washington region, provide networking opportunities for artists and art professionals and support artists at every level in advancing their careers.

It didn’t take long for all three platforms to blend together and produce such a success story!

My dear friend Maire McArdle – Founding Art Director of Bethesda Magazine – was gracious enough to present “Working with Publishers”.

Enter Jennifer Kahn Barlow, an accomplished artist who discovered her love of painting at age seven. Jennifer Jennifer Kahn Barlow Donuts LAYERED BY LINEhas a delicious portfolio which features more than a plate full of food, and her affiliations include Strathmore, Montgomery Art Association and Yellow Barn Studio.

So I was humbled, yet thrilled beyond belief, when Jennifer wrote to tell me what Salon meant to her career as an artist.

“At the end of Maire’s Salon talk, I introduced myself and told her a little about my sweets paintings,” Jennifer wrote. “From there, Maire commissioned a painting of several colorful doughnuts to accompany an upcoming Bethesda Magazine article about upscale doughnuts in local restaurants. It was thrilling to see my work in print!”

This makes me so incredibly happy for both Jennifer and Maire! To play a small part of such a sweet success story is very humbling and encouraging at the same time! Salon – an artful conversation is a dream come true, and it’s producing great results!

But Salon’s success isn’t just me! It’s you, your fellow artists and anyone you know with the slightest interest in the arts. Without you, Salon is an empty room with no people, no food, no interaction, no networking and no opportunity to advance careers.

Salon depends on you to be involved, so I really hope you’ll join us for our next artful conversation and many more after that. One seemingly little card exchange may turn into something much more than you ever expected.

– Judith


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