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A Salon in your town will bring your fellow artists together for an evening of networking, education, pot luck fare and lasting professional relationships that build business and reinforce the foundations that keep your arts community standing tall.

To know Judith HeartSong for five minutes is to know with certainty that she’s committed to serving the people sheSalon Book_title page meets and causes that bring artists together for a more cohesive community. In fact, you’ll see much of Judith’s personality shining through her artwork, especially the paintings of sunflowers: a personality of bright rays of sunshine. When she encounters something that helps other artists in even the most minute ways, she’ll find ways to multiply it and share it with everyone she knows.

So, having found such tremendous success with Salon – an artful conversation, and answering the calls from artists in other cities, Judith wants to share the Salon concept and plant Salon seeds in other areas around the country, to strengthen local arts communities.

Judith has compiled a great resource for getting a Salon started where you live and create. The Salon Starter Kit contains 25 pages of helpful tips and ideas to establishing a Salon, including:

  • Potential Topics
  • Finding great speakers
  • Choosing a venue
  • Food and drink
  • Knowing your audience
  • Social media and Salon
  • The Salon Checklist

The Salon Starter Kit is available now for increasing the value of your arts community and strengthening the bonds between artists, art professionals and other creatives! 

But, you’ll get more than the Salon Starter Kit! You’ll naturally get Judith’s support! When you plan your first Salon, send Judith the details, and she’ll gladly help you spread the word through social media and here on SalonArtfulConversation.com! Be sure to send Judith pictures and a review of your Salons to help share the great things happening in your arts community.

The possibilities to advertise your events are endless, and Judith is committed to providing as much cooperative support as possible to attract local artists and even artists who may be traveling in your area!

Salon Starter Kit

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