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Join the artists of NOVA Printmakers on Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 1:00-3:00pm for their talk about the Artists & Makers Studios current exhibit of the “TRANS/FORM.ATION Project”.  This event is a special opportunity to hear about and discuss the personal and collabortive journey the eleven artists undertook to create and curate their beautifully crafted hand-pulled prints and sculptures. Light refreshments will be offered.

TRANS/FORM.ATION with Meaghan Busch, Amelia Hankin Cashin, Minji Kim, Jun Lee, Nahid Navab, Osbel Susman Pena, Jorge Porrata, Alice Quatrochi, Rae Quellette, Kelli Sincock and Janis Sweeney starts with a generic dress form as their substrate to begin a dialogue, within and throughout the form, on the subject of transformation.  Through construction, deconstruction and re-construction, they provide the observer with an innovative concept of identity and formulate a criticism of the representation of “image” as viewed by the artist.  In addition to the main body of work, the collective has also included an exhibit of their hand-pulled prints in this three gallery exhibit.

Previous Salon conversations
From early on we had tremendous interest and artists soon were inviting friends to join us for monthly get-togethers. Salon has run non-stop since its inception, and we have had an amazing roster of guest speakers, many of whom are friends and colleagues of ours. They speak for free, and give of their knowledge with a presentation and Q&A session. This simple formula has worked like a charm, providing outstanding content, respecting the speakers and making guests feel welcome in a nurturing space for learning and growth.

A Sampling of Previous Speakers and Topics
Melissa Ichiuji, Guise and Dolls
Beth Vosoba, The Lavender Fields of Provence
Barbara Januszkiewicz, 
The Value of the Arts
Elizabeth Carberry, ArtSee
Shanti Norris, The Healing Power of the Arts

Rachel Baron & Pat McMahon, Old Town Editions: Fine Art Printing
Francie Hester, Artistic Collaborations – Can they Really Work?
Lisa Gold, Washington Project for the Arts
Bryan Davis, Video is Now

Sean Hennessey, Surviving and Thriving as a Full-Time Artist
Todd Baxter Dawson, Effectively Using Social Media
Lenny Campello, Daily Campello Art News
Carolyn Edlund, ArtsyShark Founder
Melanie Spring, Live Your Brand
Jan Fox – The Art of Communicating
Betsy Greer – Author of Craftivism
Isabel Manalo – The Studio Visit
First Impressions
Best and Worst PR Stories in Five Minutes or Less
Lesley Riley – Publishing, Teaching and Sales Exposure
Seth Apter, Author of The Pulse of Mixed Media
Grants Process
Social Media
Sales Opportunities for Emerging Artists
Gender Roles and Art
Joey Manlapaz – The Creative Process and Getting Past Blocks
Jodi Walsh – Overview of 12 Step Program for Artists
Maire McArdle – Founding Art Director for Bethesda Magazine – Working with Publishers
Suzan Jenkins – The State of the Arts in Montgomery County
Kate Kretz – Art Basel
Megan Drop Peritore – Submitting Proposals to Non-Commercial Spaces
Alternative Framing Substrates
Stacy Sklaver – Corporate Art Consulting
Giclee Printing
Carolyn Edlund – 10 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make When Selling Their Work
The Art of the Recycled
The Art of Critique

Do you have a great idea for a speaker or topic?  Do you have an amazing presentation or niche expertise that you would like to share?  Get in touch with us!  We are always looking for new ideas and more speakers to share with the groups in Maryland and Virginia.

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